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Painting Services We Offer

  • Exterior Painting

  • Power  Washing

  • Gutter  Cleaning


  • Interior Painting




Interior walls and ceilings painted, and wood staining



We don't just paint your house,
we do custom home painting,
and that's the  difference!

 Our work is high quality at competitive prices, and we are fully insured.



We paint condos and offices too!

We will meet your home painting needs
and your project expectations.

We want to establish
a lifetime relationship for all
your painting needs.



We stain decks, fences and porches
  • Deck   Staining

  • Porch  Staining

  • Fence Staining




Our Process

Exterior Painting

  • Pressure wash to remove all surface dirt and mildew as best as possible so the new finish coat will adhere properly and last for years.

  • Caulk & putty will be applied to all nail holes in the siding and trim. Also, all gaps around windows, window frames, doors, doorframes and all wood joints will be caulked.

  • Scrape all loose and peeling paint to ensure a firm and solid base for the new paint.

  • We will spot prime all bare wood surfaces so that the new finish coat will bond properly and ensure longevity in the new paint job.

Interior Painting

  • Plastic Drop cloths will be placed over all floors and furniture in the areas where painting will be performed.

  • Caulking will be applied to all cracks and gaps around window frames, door frames, crown-molding, and any other area in need of caulk when the trim is being painted.

  • Spot Priming will be applied to all bare wood and all water stains on the surfaces to be painted.

  • Drywall spackle will be applied to all cracks and nail holes in the drywall prior to painting.

  • We ask our customers to remove all small and fragile objects including furniture, pictures and window treatments from rooms where painting will be performed.



We Use these quality paints in colors limited only by your imagination



Anybody Can Paint . . . but not everybody can do it right!

Contact Viking Painting - A professional home painter you can trust.





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